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Through That Which Is Seen

As an sentimental person with very strong emotions I feel very strongly about the people I care about. Once someone has passed away this emotional connection needs a new focus and therefore shift to an object. Generally this object is something strongly associated with the passed individual because they gifted it to me/or was bought during a special moment. The person and my memories of them are forevermore and unchanging connected to the object.

Not everyone thinks and feels this way, and therefore they might not have a comparable type of

object with which they can have this emotional connection.


I want to give them this object. One that represents the loved one they lost in their own personal way. 

For this object I have worked with my old friend Luuk Hilhorst, who I've known for 14 years.

He lost his father before I met him, so I only know him through what Luuk has been willing to tell me.

Through long conversations and stories I have created this piece, commemorating the most important aspects of his father. 

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